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Steam power plant services

The steam power industry has never been more demanding. Operating budgets are tighter, and the need for flexibility is more critical than ever. These changes make it even more imperative to have steam power plant services with capabilities and flexibility to match.

GE is able to help our customers with everything from best-in-class upgrades and retrofits to core operations and maintenance across more than 90 OEM brands. Every day, we have more than 6,000 field service employees delivering solutions that help secure a productive future for nuclear, coal, and industrial plants all over the world.

And when it comes to our customers’ most pressing questions, our answer is YES. It’s a small but meaningful word that helps keep the power on for everyone, everywhere. At GE, we are transforming the future of steam through our services, creating extraordinary outcomes for tomorrow and beyond. This is the Power of Yes.

Can GE help me reduce my steam power plant’s costs?

YES. We have a proven track record of executing on schedule and on budget for our customers throughout our steam power plant services. Our proactive outage planning based on fleet history allows us to focus maintenance spend where it’s most needed.


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Can GE improve the efficiency of my steam power plant?

YES. Applying GE’s full suite of upgrade solutions to the world’s existing fleet could improve the average efficiency of coal plants from 34% to 38%. That four-point improvement is the equivalent of removing all the CO2 emissions from Germany. And every point of efficiency gained means around 3% less coal is needed for the same output, adding up to $5 million per year in additional value for a typical 1,000 MW power plant.


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Case study

Ukai Power Station, India

Read about Ukai power station in India—succeeding with a first-of-its-kind shaftline retrofit for BHEL 200-MW-class units—a GE project extending the unit’s life by 25 years.

+25 years

unit life extended

180 tons per year

of reduced CO2 emissions


“When it came time for us to modernize some of our generation equipment, it was GE’s cross-fleet service capabilities that gave us the efficiency and emissions improvements we were looking for.”

Pradip Dahake

Managing Director, GSECL

Can GE respond quickly to my emergency needs?

YES. With local service teams that know your plant, a 24x7 engineering team supporting both GE and non-GE equipment, and a global parts, repairs, and supply chain team ready to respond to emergency needs—we’ve got you covered.


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Can GE help me run my nuclear plant safely and economically over its lifetime?

YES. With 50% of the installed base of nuclear steam turbines, GE is partnering with our customers to optimize the performance of their GE and non-GE turbine generator equipment—not just for the next refuel cycle, but for the lifecycle of the plant.


Balance of plant systems

Case study

Leibstadt, Switzerland

Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant decided to replace its two existing moisture separator reheaters, and GE Power was chosen for the replacements due to its legacy expertise in that exact technology.

Can GE service my industrial plant?

YES. With the installation of 1,000+ industrial boilers and 6,000+ industrial steam turbines under our belts, we can help arrange the reliable operation of your industrial plant while working with you to lower operating costs as well. Our team stands ready to service your end-to-end operation which also includes generator, controls and environmental controls systems with the expertise to support nearly 90 OEM brands.


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Case study

POSCO, South Korea

POSCO needed to modernize several Toshiba-made steam turbines for long-term availability of its steel production plant. GE was glad to service this other OEM generation equipment.

increase in process steam


50-year-old steam turbines modernized


“The project will help our facility increase the supply of process steam to 70 tons per hour, up from the current 40 tons per hour. The performance gains from these upgrades are significant.”

Kwan-Soo Song

Group Leader of the Head Office of Finance and Investment Division of POSCO

TOAZ, Russia

In order to meet environmental and economic sustainability goals, ToAZ wanted to upgrade two GE Fitchburg industrial steam turbines at its ammonia production facility in Togliatti.


duration between maintenance intervals


“The project will help our facility increase the supply of process steam to 70 tons per hour, up from the current 40 tons per hour. The performance gains from these upgrades are significant.”

Victor Kazachkov

Chief Operations Officer of CJSC Togliattiazot (the plant’s managing company)

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