Helping to power Hamburg

The challenge

On September 7, 2016, Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG (VE-W), a subsidiary of Swedish utility company Vattenfall AB, agreed to overhaul two 130-megawatt, Siemens-manufactured steam turbines at DHP Wedel Power Plant in Hamburg, Germany. Benefitting from GE Steam Power’s other equipment manufacturer and technology capabilities, Vattenfall Europe is now set to meet the demand of the region well into the future.

The solution

With the capability to service non-GE equipment, GE Steam Power is proud to offer its customers distinct solutions, mitigating boundaries and obstacles that could impact productivity. Partnering with GE, the Wedel Power station is well-positioned to continue to provide high-efficiency, cost-effective electricity without concern for equipment dissolution.


Adding value and efficiency


We are pleased to work with GE, who presented us with a comprehensive proposal to refurbish our steam turbines to extend their lifetimes in order to guarantee a sustainable operation of the plant.

Markus Wonka

Plant Manager for Vattenfall in Hamburg

“We are excited to work with Vattenfall to demonstrate our enhanced capabilities to service other manufacturers’ turbosets by providing a customized package to meet Vattenfall’s efficiency and reliability requirements—and demonstrate how GE’s coal generation portfolio is well-positioned to respond to the region’s future energy needs,” said Pascal Schweitzer, General Manager of GE’s Steam Power business in Europe. “This project offers Vattenfall the kind of value-added proposition they are looking for to remain competitive and environmentally sustainable.”

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