As a European industrial plant operator, you’ve probably imagined the worst-case scenario for your facility many times… an unplanned shutdown of operation… and production… with little sense of how long it will last, or how much it will cost your business.

Acting fast to address industrial steam plant emergencies

Advanced plant maintenance planning for how to react to such situations is obviously key to minimizing the negative impact to your industrial steam plant’s production schedule. But sometimes, there’s simply no substitute for good old-fashioned speed.

We’ve been there… and we’ve done that.

Local steam turbine repairs and expertise

When a European waste incineration plant found itself needing major emergency turbine repairs on its other OEM industrial steam turbine, our local service team responded immediately along several parallel paths.

The following day, our engineering experts were on site to start the process of analyzing the unit’s stator and rotor blades. Ultimately, 4,000 blades were replaced, along with repairs to components including sealing segments and drainage rings, followed by high-speed balancing. How fast? With a rotor shop in Poland and a stator facility in Berlin, we were able to load balance the work for completion in three months… HALF the time the OEM quoted just to order industrial steam turbine parts.

Repairs for industrial steam turbine performance

Emergency steam turbine repairs, however, can mean more than quickly restoring industrial power equipment to its original state of performance. In response to a short-cycle request from a pulp and paper mill in the Nordics, our team again mobilized on the customer site within 24 hours. On day two, a project estimate was proposed which, when immediately approved, triggered a steam turbine parts order within that same 48-hour window.

But this project was different. What started as a pure emergency case due to a collapsed ventilation ring in a steam turbine turned into a quick root cause analysis of the failure. This in-depth analysis gave our engineers the insights they needed to modify its ventilation rings, which led to a more reliable industrial steam turbine operation. In other words, the only thing better than a fast repair is a fast repair that also improves your industrial operation!

We’re here when you need us

Responding to industrial plant emergency needs this quickly depends on having a combination of capabilities including:

  • Field service teams close by
  • In-region repair shops, tooling centers and related facilities
  • Expertise in supporting industrial equipment manufactured by numerous OEMs

You can’t always plan for an emergency, but you can reach out to us before it happens. We’ve been providing industrial steam plant services for more than 100 years, and we’re still doing that today.

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