For more than 100 years, boiler technologies have been one of the driving forces behind industrial plant operations. Over that time, a countless number of manufacturers and service providers have come and gone.

But, while some boiler brands are now simply a part of history, in many cases their technology legacies have survived, and their equipment continues to run. That means that industrial operators need a service provider with the right expertise to help them maintain and modernize these aging assets… this is where GE Steam Power can help!

A convergence of brands—and capabilities—over time

Today, when it comes to industrial boiler services, the GE brand stretches far beyond the fleet we’ve manufactured over the last century. In the U.S. during the early 1900’s, two companies called Grieve Grate and American Stoker merged to create an organization called Combustion Engineering, Ltd. (CE). The company manufactured various boiler technologies for a better part of the 20th century. Over the past several decades, a series of acquisitions involving Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), Alstom Power and GE, has brought the experience and capabilities to service all of these brands under one roof.

This evolution has assembled a strong three-legged stool of boiler services: 1) the OEM technologies developed by CE, ABB, Alstom and others, 2) the service teams that have supported them across generations, 3) and the domain knowledge of our GE team. Today, our teams have access to all the OEM insights and know-how they need to service these boiler brands just as if we’d manufactured them ourselves.

Supporting a long legacy today

However, there’s more to this story. For a service provider of industrial operations, this depth of institutional knowledge is only as good as its ability to execute on the ground. For our customers in the Americas, this starts with an extensive team of boiler experts based in Windsor, CT, that crosses engineering, product management and project procurement teams. Having these resources close by helps position our teams to quickly respond to unplanned operating issues, as well as collaborate with our customers to engineer custom solutions. These efforts are supported by a regional network of parts and repairs centers, as well as a dedicated on-site services team, all with experience in supporting the many legacy boiler brands that now call GE home.


We understand that the top priority of our industrial customers is to keep the production lines going, regardless of what logos are on the equipment that power your facility. So, the next time you ‘open the hood’ to service your boiler equipment, don’t forget to think about the brand behind the brands.


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