Depending on where you sit in the world, the concept of a black-out (or even "rolling brown-outs") is either completely foreign or extremely common. So which is it for you? For me, when I’m home it’s completely foreign. But when I’m on the road meeting with customers or teams, I know this is a reality many face every day.

That was exactly the case in Egypt just a few years ago but in 2015 Egypt launched a thorough energy plan around two concepts:  the diversification of its installed base and the modernization of its existing assets for higher efficiency. Today, GE Power’s Steam Power business announce a deal that will help Egypt deliver on this plan.

We will deliver four 1,200-MW Arabelle steam turbines and generators for El Dabaa, Egypt’s first nuclear power plant. The power plant will deliver 4.8 GW of dependable, reliable CO2 free energy—that’s enough energy to power more than 4 million Egyptian homes. We are immensely proud of the technology and being chosen. We can’t wait to get started.


Today’s announcement is just one way GE Power is contributing to Egypt’s energy infrastructure. We’ve been working in Egypt for the last 40 years supporting the development of Egypt’s energy sector with technologies that are delivering up to 16 GW to the Egyptian grid. Recently, GE Power completed building and connecting the Badr substation in Egypt to the national grid; the new 500/220 kilovolt (kV) Gas-Insulated Substation will dispatch 1.5 GW of electricity and play a strategic role in the upcoming Egypt–Saudi Arabia Interconnection. Our colleagues at GE Power’s Grid Solutions are doing a great job on the ground.


I’m certainly biased, but the Arabelle itself is quite impressive. It’s been in operation for the past 18 years and still holds the world record for output and demonstrated a reliability rate of 99.96%. In France, it has more than 400,000 operating hours. The size alone is also impressive—it’s just as long as Airbus A380. Its unique architecture with a combined high pressure module and intermediate pressure module is adaptable to all type of reactors. El Dabaa strengthens GE Power nuclear leadership and expertise with a worldwide fleet of Arabelle now counting on 44 units—of which 20 are already in operation delivering more than 20 GW of power to the worldwide grid.


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