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Simple, light, efficient integration

GE’s proven vertical turbine pumps are designed to be robust and reliable with the use of Duplex alloy for harsh seawater conditions and more.


GE’s vertical turbine pumps

Our proven vertical turbine pumps are highly efficient for condenser cooling and provide excellent reliability.

Configurations include: discharge flange above or below pump floor, motor supported on pump head or on a separated support, and pump pull-out or non-pull-out.

Our vertical turbine pumps consist of:

  • Hydraulic module with a higher level of efficiency with axial, mixed flow, or centrifugal impellers
  • Shaft line, which is immersed in the pumping fluids or with an independent flushing system
  • Fabricated casing, which includes the delivery column and elbow

Modular design

Our designs provide the flexibility for tailored solutions.

Enhanced reliability

Higher reliability with experience in Duplex material for seawater applications.

Easier maintenance

GE’s simple, light, and efficient design helps streamline maintenance.

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