Reliable legacy designs

Can GE generators boost plant operations while lowering costs? YES.

Configured to help lower plant lifecycle-costs and future maintenance, our new generators bring a strong heritage of technical features from our legacies. Reliable designs and the latest digital features support condition-based diagnostics and maintenance.

Product Family Cooling Technology Applications Power Output Range (MVA)
GIGATOP 4-pole Hydrogen – Water Nuclear 800 – 2235
GIGATOP 2-pole Hydrogen – Water Nuclear, Fossil 600 – 1400
TOPGAS Hydrogen Fossil 280 - 710
TOPAIR Air Synchronous Condensers, Industries 165 – 400
TOPACK Air Synchronous Condensers, Industries 40 – 165
Proven experience

The latest technologies for more than 50 years

Based on many years of experience and continuous feedback, we’ve integrated common technologies into our portfolio of generators with one goal in mind: saving time and money for customers.

GE’s proprietary stainless steel technology for stator winding cooling

Applied on all new hydrogen and water-cooled generators

The stainless steel cooling tubes and water boxes of the stator winding bars prevent plugging by copper oxide build-up and help prevent higher costs of maintenance for stator bar cleaning. They also mitigate forced outages due to water leaks and allow for higher water-cooling speeds, maximizing efficiency. Our first generator build using stainless steel was commissioned in 1969—and is still in operation today without any stator rewind.

Massive and self-retightening, end-winding support

Applied on our GIGATOP families

GE GIGATOP generators have a massive outer support to limit overhang vibration and movement. Its self-retightening, end-winding support system allows thermal expansion of the bars while simultaneously tightening the winding-in radial and tangential directions. This system reduces maintenance costs as it can be retightened with the rotor in place.


Concave-convex wedges 

Available across our GIGATOP, TOPGAS and TOPAIR families

The concave-convex wedges used in GE’s generators are uniquely engineered to sustain pressure on the stator bars. This constant pressure prevents radial movements of the winding and reduces the likelihood of loosening effects. If found loose during inspections, they can be retightened—reducing costs of full stator slot rewedging.


Additional technical features

Reduce your lifecycle costs

Available across our generator families

The technical advancements we’ve made across our generator portfolio will help you achieve higher availability with a lower risk of forced shut down and reduced planned-maintenance time.

Generator Health Monitoring is our digital platform for monitoring partial discharge, rotor flux, shaft voltages, stator end-winding vibrations, and stator bar temperatures.

Our range of robots allows rotor inspections in place, including core testing, visual inspection, stator slot wedging tightness check, and retaining ring outer and inner surfaces.

The biggest and brightest

See what we’re doing for our customers

Boosting power in China and France

In 2019, China’s largest nuclear power generator in service installed one of our Gigatop 4-pole generators—which boasts a rating of 1,660 MW and a load factor of 82.2%, helping supply 12 TWh of electricity to the Chinese grid.

That same year, another GIGATOP 4-pole generator rated 1,495 MW produced 11.6 TWh of low-carbon electricity for the French grid, representing an 88.6% load factor. This equals the average yearly consumption of 2,500,000 households.