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Whether you operate a pulp & paper, cement, chemicals, metals or aluminum plant, we understand that the operation and maintenance needs for your industrial plants are very different from those of utility power producers. Your main concern is keeping production running without interruption, and GE can work with you to enhance the performance of your entire plant. Thorough maintenance for industrial plants also ensures your equipment is as reliable and efficient as possible, to mitigate unnecessary costs or unexpected outages.

Can GE help keep my industrial plant productive and competitive throughout its lifecycle?

Yes. GE Steam Power understands your distinctive business drivers require the most efficient and reliable operation possible, while minimizing operating costs. With the deepest core services knowledge of industrial steam applications, technologies, and services for both your GE and other OEM assets, our team can deliver on your total plant needs. From daily operations and maintenance, to full lifecycle management—including outages, upgrades, parts and life extensions—GE has the OEM and other OEM expertise and service agility to help you stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to your most pressing questions, our answer is YES.

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Advanced outage planning

Hear from GE Steam Power’s Peter Barge about advanced outage planning to help reduce operating costs and downtime simultaneously. With your service team of choice, and all parts/tools ready for both planned and emergent work, you’ll be able to minimize risks and the time needed to perform your outage.

Customer stories

Boosting chemical plant steam turbine productivity

Russia’s OJSC Togliattiazot (ToAZ) is one of the world’s largest producers of ammonia and a great example of how chemical plant maintenance services can improve production. In an effort to modernize facilities to increase environmental and economic sustainability, ToAZ commissioned GE to upgrade two GE Fitchburg industrial steam turbines at the company’s production facility in Togliatti. 


time between maintenance intervals

The ToAZ upgrade will replace major components needed to amplify production capacity. The multiphase project includes plans to modernize the plant’s low-pressure and high-pressure GE industrial steam turbines that drive their corresponding low- and high-pressure syngas compressors in mechanical-drive mode. 


“The upgrade of the ToAZ compression trains is a crucial step that helps boost production capacity. As the original equipment supplier, GE is familiar with our operations and has the technology expertise to provide a highly effective and reliable solution that may be implemented without affecting our existing workflow.”

Victor Kazachkov

Chief operations officer of CJSC Togliattiazot, the plant’s managing company

Modernizing Toshiba steam turbines at a steel plant

POSCO is one of the world’s leading steel producers. To keep pace with regional demand, POSCO’s nearly 50-year-old steel plant steam turbines needed modernizing. GE Steam Power is in charge of the retrofit of four Toshiba steam turbines at POSCO Pohang Works steel manufacturing plant in Pohang, South Korea—nearly doubling the turbines’ ability to generate steam power for steel production. 

The agreement will also employ hardware and software technology solutions to safeguard against unforeseen occurrences—like unplanned downtown due to a malfunction, which could impact productivity. GE is focused on environmentally safe solutions that will cross GE and other OEM fleet infrastructures, resulting in low production cost, improved reliability, and expanded capability.


“The project will help our facility to increase the supply of process steam to 70 tons per hour, up from the current 40 tons per hour. The performance gains from these upgrades are significant.” 

Kwan-Soo Song

Group leader of the head office of finance and investment division of POSCO

Modernizing boilers for a booming pulp & paper business

In the small Canadian town of La Tuque, pulp & paper production is a big deal. Located in the Quebec province, the community’s economy centers on several manufacturing facilities, including the La Tuque pulp & paper mill, where tons of high-demand packaging goods are produced for industries including food & beverage and beauty & personal care.

In operation since 1907, the pulp & paper mill was facing aging industrial boiler components that needed modernization services to keep up with its 24/7, 350-days a year production schedule. With downtime only possible a few days a year, La Tuque tapped GE Steam Power to install new economizer boiler hardware that could extend the plant’s operating life as much as 40 years.

The GE team was able to complete the industrial boiler project ahead of schedule due to meticulous, early project planning and the team’s familiarity with the plant—GE started working with the La Tuque mill more than 50 years ago with the installation of boilers and air pollution control equipment.

The modernization effort is helping La Tuque maintain the quality standards of its operation recommended by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI). Ever since the industrial boiler service took place, the new equipment’s performance has been “outstanding.”

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