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Our Company

Our Company

GE was one of the pioneering companies who set up manufacturing operations in 1969 in Jurong – Singapore’s first modern industrial estate. Our operations have developed in tandem with Singapore’s aspirations – from low wage assembly to a high technology, value adding solutions provider and a regional hub for commercial operations and financial services.

To improve productivity and sustain economic growth, Singapore continues to develop its talent pool, modernize infrastructure and systems, adopt new technologies/business models and innovate. Local companies and government agencies are also leveraging their combined expertise to grow their businesses and influence outside of Singapore.

Singapore’s pro-business environment, reliable & efficient infrastructure, pool of global talent and forward looking companies provide GE with a stable and well-networked platform for growth.

All 8 major businesses of GE (Aviation, Capital, Energy Management, Healthcare, Lighting, Power & Water, Oil & Gas and Transportation) are represented in Singapore.

Through the GE Accelerator Program in Singapore, GE is helping to advance innovation and adoption for Digital Industrial in the country. Find out more here.