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What will the startups receive after joining the GE Accelerator program?

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Through the program, startups will have access to the relevant GE market-related information. This could include market opportunity assessments, technological and Domain assessment, mentors from GE and its customers/partners, as well as support on marketing and business development initiatives. 

What kind of companies you are looking to work with?

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The Accelerator will target startups involved in areas that are aligned with GE business units and Domains listed.

We are looking to partner with Singapore-based startups which are fairly mature in their evolution (pre-series A and above), and in a later stage of innovation acceleration. Startup applications should be well evolved from a product/technology readiness perspective and have a proven solution, with clear validation from the industrial community.

How will you decide which companies will be accepted in the program?

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Applications will be evaluated based on a market assessment of needs, the solutions ability to meet those needs, and its potential for global commercial scalability.

When is the deadline to apply?

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Interested applicants are encouraged to contact us here . Applicants will be evaluated and accepted on a rolling basis. The Accelerator Program is open to all Singapore-based startups or global startups willing to move their HQ to Singapore.

Will GE Provide funding for these startups?

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GE Singapore will not be providing any funding directly. However, the startups will get to leverage our ecosystem which comprises of GE-Ventures, Government agencies, VCs, Corporates, Incubators/Accelerators. There will also be opportunities to monetize the solutions via joint go-to-market.

What about protecting my intellectual property – should I be worried about this?

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GE has a strong track record of ethical business practices. It has several existing partnerships in play with global companies that illustrate this fact.

What will be the role of the funds/investors once the startups join the accelerator?

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When a startup joins our accelerator program, their existing investors will continue to remain valuable in their portfolio and will continue with their fiduciary, operational, and social objectives.