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GE Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

About 90 percent of Saudi hospitals deploy GE technology. GE is proud to support the operational needs of the Saudi Ministry of Health, one of the largest public health authorities in the Middle East, with more than 2,000 health centers across the Kingdom.

Dedication to Fighting Cancer in the Kingdom The Ministry of Health has made early detection and advanced treatment of breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death among women cancer patients in the Kingdom, a priority. GE is proud to support the National Breast Cancer Screening Program in the Kingdom, serving as a partner to the Ministry of Health for over two years in the design, plan and launch of the program. There are now three healthymagination mobile mammography clinics across Riyadh, with more than 10,000 patients screened to date.

Empowering the Kingdom through Education To help meet the healthcare sector goals of Saudi Arabia’s Ninth Development Plan and the Ministry of Health’s ‘Patient First’ strategy, GE is partnering with the Ministry to further boost the healthcare sector competencies with a focus on training. The development of a dedicated Healthcare Skills and Training Institute in partnership with King Fahad Medical City will expand the training partnership. The Institute will be the first of its kind in the Kingdom, offering technical, clinical and healthcare management courses.


Giraffe Omnibed
GE’s richly featured neonatal microenvironment, the Giraffe Omnibed, combines the thermal advantages of a double-wall incubator with the access advantages of an open bed radiant warmer.

Revolution CT
The Revolution CT enables comprehensive cardiac exams with anatomic and functional information in just one heartbeat, even with challenging patients and higher heart rates. It was showcased at Arab Health 2014 in Dubai.

Q.Clear PET/CT
With new quantitative tools that generate more consistent PET measurements, the Q.Clear technology achieves up to two times greater accuracy and image quality. This will enable clinicians to more accurately assess treatment response, therefore supporting more personalized care.

GE’s new generation of breast tomosynthesis, designed with three-dimensional imaging technology, uses a low-dose short X-ray sweep around the positioned breast while reducing radiation exposures.


Hajj is a critical annual event for the Kingdom at large, and for the Ministry of Health in particular. GE supports the operational efficiencies at the Ministry’s hospitals and medical centers in the Holy City of Mecca. As of 2012, there were more than 1,200 GE medical systems installed across hospitals and medical centers in the Holy City, with more than 1,500 pilgrims benefiting from CT scans and 120 receiving MR scans.

Commercial Contacts:

Jalil Juha
GE Healthcare - Saudi Commercial GM
T +966 114945757

Duraid Al Shaikh
GE Healthcare – Zone GM Central & East-EAGM Saudi
T +966 114945777

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