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Physical-Digital Analytics

Physical-Digital Analytics

Physical-digital analytics integrates deep technology domain expertise in core GE technologies including Power, Aviation and Healthcare with digital analytics that combine operational data, physical-based simulations and AI models to create "digital twins" of assets. These digital twins are continuously updated in the field, leading to operational insights, decisions and performance outcomes for customers. 

Many industrial organizations have vast amounts of data that can be leveraged to optimize production, predict and minimize downtime, improve quality, and reduce costs to yield operational efficiencies. However, the amount and kind of data as well as the complexity involved in combining industrial knowledge with data science knowledge can be overwhelming

We help businesses, both within and outside GE, to reap benefits of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution. We provide cutting edge software solutions to customers, creating savings through improved productivity, reduced down-times and enabling resource optimization. We offer solutions leveraging both physical and digital knowledge. 

Our goal is to accelerate the democratization of Industrial AI using our combination of experience in various industrial domains including aviation, energy, transportation, services, finance, healthcare with our expertise in Data Sciences, Machine Learning, Text Mining, NLP, Optimization, Software and Human Computer Interaction. 

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