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Sensing Materials

Sensing Materials

GE Research has a rich history in the invention and development of sensing materials and systems leading to solutions for Healthcare, Homeland security, Oil and Gas and military applications.  Two examples are radiation sensing and wearable sensing.

Radiation Sensing: Our ability to custom-make or modify the composition of existing materials to meet device requirements is based on our broad experience and deep mechanistic understanding of the factors that control the detection sensitivity of the material. Apart from inorganic scintillators, we are also conducting system level investigations in emerging technologies such as direct-conversion materials based on II-VI semiconductors (CZT is one example). The optical materials group has contributed to the commercialization of two ceramic scintillators for Computed Tomography (CT), HiLight and Gemstone. The group was also responsible for the development of mixed halide scintillators, La(Br,Cl)3 for application in the security and the oil & gas space. Today, GE Research holds more than 100 patents in the field of scintillator materials.

Wearable Sensing: The wearable sensors team at GE Research is focused on developing material- and system level solutions to assess human performance and health to improve outcomes and treatment options. Through internally and externally funded collaborative efforts, we are developing new technologies for detecting both traditional physiological biomarkers  like pulse rate and oxygenation as well as biochemical biomarkers  like electrolytes for dehydration in compact, wireless, low-cost devices.  We work closely with our collaborators and end users to define use cases and understand comfort in the field, and are focused on finding solutions to the challenges that arise at the interface of complex electronics with the human body through device design, printed electronics optimization and advanced analytics. 

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Wearable sensing systems to assess human performance and health, and to augment outcomes and treatment.


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