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Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization is an important process in which a material's chemical, microstructure and physical properties are probed, measured and determined using a variety of analytical methods, techniques and tools.

The Material Characterization Lab at GE Research has a highly trained staff with deep domain expertise and a vast number of capabilities and techniques that include imaging & microanalysis, surface analysis, structural analysis, organic analysis, elemental analysis, and thermal and mechanical analysis. Our services range from developing methods and characterizing complex materials to performing deep forensic studies and providing supply chain solutions. We also provide expertise that can spot anomalies and provide novel methods when traditional techniques do not provide the answers that are necessary to solve some of world’s toughest problems.

The Materials Characterization team leverages more than 100 years of method development and IP creation with GE’s current and past industrial businesses which covers a wide array of materials including silicones, plastics, quartz, ceramics, biological, high temperature ceramics and metal alloys. 

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