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Material Reliability Testing

Material Reliability Testing

For over 100 years, GE Research has been at the forefront of new materials development in metals, composites, ceramics and polymers including thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers.  Our application expertise and experience covers various industries from aviation, nuclear, oil & gas and transportation to lighting and plastics. With such a large base of materials to work with, GE Research has developed expertise in materials testing and analysis for reliability testing. We offer access to a suite of universal and unique testing machines ready to accommodate most standard test methods and the capability to tailor specific tests to any application. Our current test frames span precision bench top models up to our largest 100 kip test frame. Several of our frames can be equipped with environmental chambers enabling testing over a wide range of temperatures and environments.

The Materials Reliability team also offers world class expertise and capability in assessing and mitigating environmental degradation of materials for nuclear, oil & gas, aviation and energy industries.  The team uses multidisciplinary approaches to anticipate material vulnerabilities and solve environmental degradation issues.  The team has been very successful at mapping the susceptibility of materials in a wide range of environment and loading conditions supporting real world applications.

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