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Inspection Technologies

Inspection Technologies

Evaluating the properties of materials, components, and systems is critical to ensuring the quality and longevity of engineering and manufacturing processes. Operating at the intersection of materials science, sensors, electronics, robotics, and analytics, our inspection technologies comprise nondestructive testing (NDT) and nondestructive evaluation (NDE).

NDT is the qualitative assessment of materials, typically providing a means for quality-related accept/reject decisions on industrial components. The NDT methods developed and applied by GE Research do not alter the materials being inspected.

GE Research’s NDE methods utilize analysis techniques and measurement technologies to provide more of a quantitative evaluation of the state of materials with respect to flaws and damage.

Our focus on inspection technologies spans three major areas: sensor development, delivery mechanisms to deploy these sensors, and data analytics to interpret sensor data. Our expertise, experience, and custom facilities help to drive next generation development of these technologies and their peripherals.

GRC inspection technologies in the fieldA laser from GRC's optics lab

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