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Energy Storage & Conversion

Energy Storage & Conversion

In the GE Research Energy Storage group we have the ability to characterize the initial performance of nearly any electrochemical cell with our compliment of fully automated single cell battery cycling capability from 10^-9 to 10^2 Amps, along with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, high precision coulometric analysis, glove boxes for destructive analysis, and environmental chambers, furnaces, and liquid cooling methods to test electrochemical cells from -30 ºC to 1000 ºC.  We develop degradation models for batteries and host them as cloud based microservices for integration into advanced analytics for sales and field monitoring.  In addition, we develop advanced materials and engineered components for next generation energy storage.  We operate an array of coating, and processing equipment in support of advanced energy storage materials development.

GE Research also has a strong background in high temperature electrochemistry.  We have decades of experience in high temperature energy storage, ceramic electrolytes, and molten salt electrochemistry.  This team has experience with the solid oxide fuel cells from     1W- to 1000W of power in a number of single cell and stack size scales.  GE produces world class metal supported solid oxide fuel cells, and is currently exploring options for commercialization of the technology and integration with combustion systems for power generation and propulsion technologies.  In the last two decades, GE has collaborated in partnership with universities, US national labs, external companies and GE customers, and state and federal government agencies in the solid oxide fuel cell and energy storage field.

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