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GE Research has and continues to pioneer many of the key innovations in technical ceramics over the last 60 years. Examples include the development of:

  • Lucalox - the translucent alumina that enabled efficient hi-intensity lighting in the 1960s
  • Sinterable structural silicon carbide in the 70’s - leading to the first practical high temperature/high strength structural ceramic
  • SiC-SiC ceramic matrix composites in the 90’s - ceramics that are now transforming the hot gas path of aviation turbines
  • Gemstone scintillators for X-ray CT medical scanners in the 00’s – allowing for the very rapid and high sensitivity scanning now available in GE’s Revolution CT scanner

Our expertise includes the synthesis, processing and forming of many ceramic materials including oxide and non-oxides and advanced additive direct print and indirect additive forming techniques. Our interdisciplinary team has expertise with correlation of properties to composition, microstructure and processing to facilitate optimization of properties. Our modeling tools include lifing prediction of ceramics and we have comprehensive thermomechanical, thermochemical and environmental characterization resources.

Areas of material development & application expertise at GE Research are broad, with examples such as high temperature structural ceramics for propulsion turbines, solid oxide fuel cells, translucent and transparent ceramics, advanced investment casting ceramic cores and shells, x-ray scintillator materials, and advanced additive ceramics for high temperature heat exchangers. 

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