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At GE Research, microfabrication is the process of constructing small structures on a micrometre or very small scale.

The Electronics Fabrication lab at GE Research, is a 28,000 sq. ft. class 100/1000 space containing more than 200 pieces of semiconductor processing equipment supporting unit step areas including oxidation, anneal and LPCVD furnace processing; dielectric PECVD deposition; metal deposition (sputter, electroplate, electroless, e-beam, thermal evaporation); RIE dry etching; Photolithography; laser drilling and patterning; wafer dicing; wet processing; and a suite of metrology tools. 

GE Research's facilities are staffed with experienced unit step leaders, engineers and technicians. Following ISO9001 QMS protocols, our cleanroom maintains equipment and process control for low volume production, pilot line and research and development applications.

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