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Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines

The Electrical Machines Team specialize in linear & rotating electrical machine design, physics- based control and diagnostics and the integration of magnetics, materials and thermal technologies.  With deep capabilities in machine controls, signal processing and high speed & high torque testing, the Team provides breakthrough electromechanical conversion solutions in torque density, high speed and extreme environment designs as well as for hybrid electric propulsion, actuation for robotics and reduced OPEX for oil & gas machines.

The breadth of electrical machines across GE's product portfolio is significant and gives scientists and engineers on the Team broad exposure and experience innovating across many different industry sectors.  Their contributions are helping to promote everything from clean renewable wind power to the future of hybrid electric flight. And as GE expands its scope of work with new strategic partners outside of GE, the Team' could have impact in other spaces as well such as electric transportation.  


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