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Industrial Networking

Industrial Networking

GE Research develops advanced networking and connectivity solutions for industrial real-time and safety-critical applications in the avionics, energy, healthcare, and transportation sectors. As an industry leader in time sensitive networking (TSN), GE Research is pushing the envelope of deterministic networking. We’re creating a certifiable, standards-based, low-latency, and high-bandwidth communication solution for convergence of legacy buses into one deterministic ethernet-based industrial networking solution. By leveraging commercial ethernet, we create a cost-effective solution without compromising performance or reliability.

The GE Research team has developed Chronos - a tool to design, schedule, analyze, and configure time sensitive industrial networks. Chronos enables one-step configuration of complex, multi-vendor networks carrying mixed-criticality traffic. It is currently used by leaders in the aerospace industry, with expansion into energy, transportation, and healthcare being explored.

GE Research leverages expertise and domain knowledge from the following technical areas:

  • Industrial communication protocols (IEC 61850, OPC UA, DDS)
  • Secure communication protocols (Secure PTP, IPsec, HTTPS, SSL)
  • Time sensitive networking
  • Aerospace networking
  • Software defined networks
  • Embedded networking software (OpenFlow, Open vSwitch, Mininet)
  • Network simulation tools (NS3, QualNet, OPNET)
  • Emerging networking technologies (QKD, Q Networking)


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