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High Assurance Systems

High Assurance Systems

The scale, complexity, security and levels of autonomy associated with software and systems that monitor, control and protect safety critical infrastructure products continues to grow. To more safely and efficiently support these software systems, GE created a High Assurance Systems research team.

This team has developed the Analysis of Semantic Specifications and Efficient generation of Requirements based Tests tool chain to enable the design, development, and verification of software intensive products. Use of the tool chain and process has resulted in more efficient software and system developments as measured by cost and cycle time. 

The tool chain is based on the use of structured English language to capture requirements that are both human and machine readable. It's tool chain supports formal requirement capture, analysts and auto test generation and is intended to enable new capabilities that can be realized through the growth in autonomous systems and the Industrial Internet. The scope of GE products that may use this tool chain includes, but is not limited to: Aircraft engines controls, integrated modular avionics, flight management systems, gas turbines controls used to drive compressors and electric generators, wind turbine controls, and medical imaging equipment. The team has also worked with the Air Force Research Lab, NASA and DARPA to develop innovative technology and tools that make our software intensive critical infrastructure safer and more affordable.

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