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Embedded Computing

Embedded Computing

Embedded computing is the integration of computation with physical processes whose behavior are defined by both digital and physical parts of a system.  It is enabled by the combination of compute, communication, and physical dynamics.  Through the joint optimization of algorithms, software and hardware, we deliver everything from foundational infrastructure, advanced controls systems, applications and analytics to complete turn-key systems.  To provide this level of depth and breadth, we have experts that are familiar with all aspects of embedded computing:

   •   Heterogenous compute fabric (CPU, FPGA, GPU, ASICS)
   •   Virtualization platforms and embedded operating systems
   •   Reconfigurable computing and partial reconfiguration of FPGAs
   •   Real-time cyber-physical systems (CPS)
   •   Hardware acceleration of workloads (e.g. DNNs)
   •   IT/OT Protocols & deterministic networks (e.g. TSN)
   •   Modular control systems and architecture
   •   Mixed criticality high-assurance systems

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