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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management with Foresee is delivering transparency to who is doing what, when, and why. Foresee exposes the full lifecycle of research projects within the GE Research portfolio, connecting the digital thread from ideas, opportunities, and proposals, to planning, resourcing, execution, and outcomes.  Program managers and break-out leaders use Foresee to maintain a real-time portfolio of projects, funding, and milestones, as well as understand alignments to key business missions and track the progress being made. Project leaders can quickly identify the specific resources or capabilities they need in order to achieve project outcomes, and easily plan those resources at the levels needed. Through Foresee, people leaders are now able to forecast the future demand for capabilities within their technical discipline, perform gap analyses, and respond to business changes in priority or supply and demand, enabling a more efficient allocation of resources.

Foresee is also helping to identify, plan, and resource new and expanded opportunities for collaborations with government agencies and commercial partners.  Leadership is connecting partner’s missions and their needs to the skills and capabilities of the GE Research, fueling the external backlog, and giving insights into strategic workforce opportunities and imbalances.

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