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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

As telescopes illuminated astronomy and microscopes revealed biology, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Modeling and Simulation Based Engineering (MSBE) have flourished as essential instruments in the modern practice of science and engineering. Sophisticated analytic models and systems simulations have and continue to emerge as indispensable tools to penetrate the mysteries of science, tame the deluge of data humankind now collects and generates and explore the far horizon of engineering.  These advances have been enabled through the abundant computational infrastructure and numerical modeling and simulation capabilities that comprise our HPC and MSBE capabilities.

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At GE, High Performance Computing (HPC) is a critical capability for the design, delivery and/or servicing of complex mechanical systems.  General Electric has a long tradition of leveraging modeling and simulation capabilities to design and manufacture sophisticated medical imaging, aircraft propulsion and power generation systems.  For decades, engineers at GE have augmented a century-long tradition of empirical experimentation with ever more sophisticated analytics, modeling and simulation leveraging our High Performance Computing environment.  Our partnerships in the ecosystem are robust. GE has been awarded access to the national labs' supercomputers.  GE Research is the recipient of numerous grant programs and regularly partners with government and academic research institutions to advance the state of the art in application and validation of numerical modeling and simulation.  Whether for our own product designers or for our customers, HPC is truly solving the world’s toughest problems.

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