Digital Thread for Design

Digital Thread for Design

Digital Thread for Design (DT4D) is a software / hardware / infrastructure ecosystem used to create, capture and manage workflows for design, modeling and simulation.   DT4D also builds machine learning surrogate model replacements of the workflows, for much faster repeated usage throughout the product lifecycle. Each workflow and surrogate model is made available within an organization’s collective knowledge sharing community and can be quickly reused throughout a product’s life cycle.

DT4D is a powerful lever for improving designs through multi-disciplinary optimization.  The inherent speed advantage of a machine learning surrogate model allows for optimization processes to explore broader design spaces using several surrogate models targeting multiple (and potentially competing) objective functions for the same design.

DT4D also allows for a tighter digital connection between engineering design, modeling, and simulation communities and the larger, modern product digital ecosystem that ultimately needs to consume engineering outputs.  As such, DT4D enables overall productivity improvements for product management operations.

Longer term, DT4D is viewed as an enabling technology toward completely autonomous design systems.


DT4D Product Illustration

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