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Digital Thread for Design

Digital Thread for Design

Digital Thread for Design (DT4D℠) is an enterprise design community ecosystem built around three pillars of functionality:

  1. Create and manage simulation workflows
  2. Store, thread, and socialize their data
  3. Generate full-order surrogate models with AI

The extreme speed advantage of the surrogate models enables several classes of broadly applicable engineering outcomes that otherwise could not be achieved:

  • Increased engineering productivity
  • Improved design quality and robustness
  • Faster matching with product data
  • Lower cost of solution execution
  • Integrated controls & logistics
  • Better financial decision making

Within DT4D℠, each design, modeling and simulation (DMS) usage case can be quickly searched and deployed across an organization. In addition, DT4D℠ can be digitally threaded into existing commercial PLM database systems: including autonomous triggering of workflows and/or surrogate models.


  • Consulting Services:  Let GE Research review your needs and recommend how the DT4D℠ Ecosystem can best serve.
  • Differentiated Design Services:  Unleash DT4D℠ + GE Research experts onto your design, modeling, & simulation problems.
  • Direct Access:  Let your own experts directly into the DT4D℠ ecosystem:  to access existing projects and create new ones.

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DT4D Products
Training A.I. Surrogate Models with Simulation Workflow Output


DT4D Moor's Law
Re-Defining Computing Capability


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