Ultrasound Research Lab

Advancing Ultrasound for Imaging and Therapy

The GE Research Ultrasound Lab designs, fabricates, tests and deploys novel transducers, beamforming and imaging algorithms, and electronic systems for medical imaging and therapy.  The range of specialized lab infrastructure for transducer research includes chemistry, adhesives, material processing and mechanical fabrication, multi-material additive manufacturing printers, electro-acoustic test and measurement including wafer probe testing, impedance analysis, multiple automated water tanks and more.  Ultrasound transmit and receive system research as well as beamforming and imaging algorithm development is performed using pre-clinical prototype systems as well as our large collection of FDA-approved console, portable and hand-held ultrasound systems.  This collection of platforms enables a variety of customization options to enable novel applications for our partners.

The Ultrasound lab facility is co-located with and leverages a broad set of technical resources and scientific capabilities across GE Research.  Our seamless, multi-disciplinary collaboration enables the rapid ideation, prototyping and testing of novel additive manufacturing, microsystem/MEMS and ASICs, inertial navigation sensors, micro bubble contrast agents, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, image analytics, material characterization, thermal management and more!  These capabilities allow us to pursue new applications and address unmet clinical needs to place ultrasound upon and within the body to create diagnostic images and to guide and deliver targeted therapy.  Our research has enabled products found in your local hospital, in rural villages around the world, and even in the International Space Station!

body image
FDA-approved console and pre-clinical prototype ultrasound systems.


US image
Ultrasound image of twin fetus in womb.


R&D Facilities
R&D Facilities

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