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Conventional & Non-Conventional MRI

The GE Research MRI research lab is fully-equipped to design, fabricate and deploy novel conventional and non-conventional MRI systems from the ground up. The range of specialized lab infrastructure includes novel superconducting magnets, gradient coils, cryogenic systems, RF transmit-receive chains, reconstruction algorithms and pre-clinical systems. There are also several FDA-approved systems which can be modified for novel applications; for example, to integrate and test new electronics technologies.

The MRI lab facility is co-located with the full breadth of other GE Research resources. This seamless, multi-disciplinary collaboration enables the rapid conception, prototyping and testing of novel "MR guided" and "MR compatible" devices, contrast agents/biomarkers and solutions such as MR-guided thermotherapy and MRI-ultrasound for image-guided radiation therapy planning. Such new technologies will continue to help address unmet clinical need for exquisite imaging -- for example, for traumatic brain injury -- as well as for novel interventions/therapy.

Our domain expertise, coupled with substantial in-house research facilities, have led to the development of the first research 3T low cryogen compact MRI magnet for exquisite brain imaging and the first high-field open MRI magnet for open-access image-guided interventions, as well as the development of ultra-high performance asymmetric head gradient coils in state-of-the-art compact MRI scanners from 3T up to 7T.

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R&D Facilities

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