Materials Characterization Lab

Materials Characterization Lab

The Materials Characterization team at GE Research has more than 60 years of experience analyzing materials and chemistries across various industries. We have acquired deep industry domain expertise supporting several GE businesses in the development and validation of new materials for high-tech commercial applications.


SEM Image of a FIB Prepared Cross-Section


The Material Characterization team at GE Research has experience working with a wide range of materials including ceramics for improved detection efficiency for medical imaging equipment to tissue samples to determine contrast agent distribution. The team also works with resins, membranes and single use components for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The team has experience developing characterization methods for new material development as well as applying problem solving skills to difficult challenges.


Imaging and Characterization of Medical Samples


Integrated circuits and microelectronics are prevalently used in today’s society.  Advanced techniques for the analysis and characterization of materials have significantly aided the production, delivery, and ultimate reliability of circuits and microelectronics. We have experience with non-destructive analysis (X-ray Fluorescence) and imaging (Scanning Electron Microscopy and micro-computed tomography) and destructive chemical analysis via surface and wet chemical methods. The analytical results contribute to specific component and material selection as well as the development of processing techniques to minimize contamination.


Analysis and Characterization of Microelectronic Circuits


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R&D Facilities

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