Combustion Lab

High Pressure Combustion and Diagnostics

The GE Research Combustion Laboratory operates 10 high pressure test cells for advanced combustion research and development. The facility features a preheated, non-vitiated continuous air supply at flow rates up to 23 lb/s, temperatures as high as 1450°F, and pressures up to 800psig. The lab has a variety of fuels available including both gaseous (Natural gas, Propane, H2 fuel blends) and liquid fuels (Jet-A, No. 2 fuel oil). Test cells are equipped with low- and high-speed data acquisition systems, interlocks for laser safety, optically accessible pressure vessels and combustor sections for comprehensive laser-based and optical diagnostic measurements. Various optical and laser-based diagnostic systems are available to characterize flow field properties including fuel/air mixing, flame heat release, gas temperature and pollutant emissions. The combustion laboratory is home to world recognized leaders in the fields of gas turbine combustion and applied optical diagnostics.


GE Research Combustion Lab
High pressure test cells for advanced combustion research and development.


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