Pushing the Limits

To us, pushing the limits means creating the curve of technology, not just being on the edge of it. With the power of our people, our technical expertise, cutting edge research facilities, and our network, we create real results the world has never seen, that the whole world can use. And we get there faster than anyone else.

Research Initiatives

GE Research is innovating around the clock. Browse our research initiatives to learn more about innovation and technology advancements there...Our interdisciplinary teams span across multiple technology areas to solve the toughest challenges today and lay the groundwork for growth tomorrow.

Hypersonics Limits

We're working on next generation materials, propulsion technologies and other supporting innovations to make hypersonic flight a reality.

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ai banner

We’re pioneering the depth & breadth of AI in a physics+ world to deliver an interpretable and industrially-relevant deep learning model for high value assets and systems.

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precision medicine

We’re bringing together biology and physics in unique and powerful ways to drive new advances in healthcare.

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Trusted Autonomy

We’re disrupting industry by creating collaborative software-enabled machines that rapidly learn complex field operations & safely execute them.

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