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Wind Inquiry-to-Order Fulfillment Center

Wind Inquiry-to-Order Fulfillment Center

Wind Inquiry-to-Order Fulfillment Center (WIFC) software enables optimization of wind-farm siting through a streamlined, unified method that executes a disparate set of specialized analyses from a common web user interface. Before building a new wind farm, one crucial step is to conduct the mechanical loads analysis (MLA) and determine the engineering feasibility of wind turbines for that site, based on ambient wind conditions, turbulence and geographical data in the selected location and the characteristics of the selected turbine models and parameters.

Project Impact

WIFC has been used by over 600 globally distributed engineers, analysts and sales personnel and is critical to GE wind farm siting operations. It provides a a streamlined approach to siting of new wind farms and upgrading existing sites, enabling a unified method to run a disparate set of specialized analyses and programs from a common web interface. It also serves as a online centralized portal for siting information, storage, review and analysis of applications for wind turbine loading and general siting suitability, providing the same simplified user experience and global access to the entire wind farm engineering team and the sales organization.

Project roadmap

GE Global Research has been partnership with GE Renewable Energy (Wind) for over 10 years in continuously developing this engineering resource

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    Jan 2008

    Initial Prototype

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    Presentation at CAASE 18 Conference

    Jun 2018
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