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Quantitative Finance Analytics

Quantitative Finance Analytics

The GE Research team, in close partnership with the GE Capital (GEC) Model Development Center of Excellence (MDCOE), solved significant analytical challenges associated with the GEC Commercial Credit, Stress Testing, and Economic Capital suite of models across several lines of business: Commercial Loans and Leases, GEC Aviation Services (GECAS), and Energy Financial Services (EFS). The solutions provided enabled a safer and more secure GEC, both for assets being divested post the April 2015 announcement, as well as those in the remaining verticals. On the technical side, the team solved many analytical challenges to tailor GEC’s suite of models to meet regulatory and industry standards, and help GEC meet its “Getting-to-Strong” goals – strengthening our risk management capabilities to meet heightened regulatory standards associated with our designation as a systemically important financial institution (SIFI). 

The multi-disciplinary deep background of the GE Research team (from physicists to mathematicians to applied statisticians) together with their common interest and passion in financial risk management, made for the right combination to successfully deliver innovative solutions to challenging quantitative finance problems.

Project Impact

The delivery on the critical requirements listed in the project description has led to significant improvements in the quality of GEC’s model suite, significantly faster times for model submission for validation, and has resulted in significantly higher rates of models classified as policy compliant. GE Research's development work has also enabled GEC to meet its ongoing regulatory commitments and facilitated the business to apply for de-designation, which was an important element of GEC’s strategic plan and was successfully achieved ahead of plan in June 2016.

Throughout the model development phases, the GE Research team has collaborated very closely with GEC MDCOE and Business Units (BUs) and has been keenly focused on meeting the needs of GEC. The team continues to play a pivotal role for GEC and is a strong and consistent partner to the GEC MDCOE team.

In all, the GE Research team has demonstrated a commitment to solving analytical problems with impact to the GEC risk team and BUs (particularly GECAS and EFS). The teamwork demonstrated in supporting and partnering with the GEC MDCOE has been outstanding and has positioned GEC for success before and after the April 2015 announcement. As such, this team embodies the spirit of outstanding business impact via technology/innovation, and was the recipient of the 2015 Dushman award for technical achievements with significant business impact.

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