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Mylo - AI for Tech Agents

Mylo - AI for Tech Agents

Organizations in every industry require a robust digital infrastructure to function. Employees require a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, notebooks and smartphones, and rely on a variety of apps to carry out their daily activities. This proliferation of Information technology (IT) apps and devices often leads to several IT issues and problems that employees encounter. While organizations hire or outsource a robust team of human IT agents to manage those apps and devices, the number of issues and problems that arise often outpace the IT staff bandwidth, leading to frustrated employees and losses in productivity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to ensure that IT problems are resolved in a timely manner. However, AI solutions are often developed in silos making it harder to integrate them with existing workflows. Often, they also require substantial datasets and inputs from tech agents in carefully curated “knowledge bases”, disrupting the agent's workflow and forcing them to perform additional steps. Once trained, several AI solutions operate as static systems, unable to capture or learn from user feedback.

Our solution is the seamless integration of an AI agent into your existing IT ticket workflow, with the ability to quietly observe and learn from user behaviors to quickly learn and recommend solutions, allowing your agents to devote complete attention to their customers.

Mylo architecture

Mylo helps tech agents resolve IT issues and complete service tickets faster by, a) automatically classifying the tickets into appropriate issue categories, b) recommending possible resolutions agents can perform to address the issues, and c) recommending other tech agents who are experts in resolving the current issue. Mylo captures both implicit and explicit user feedback to improve its classification and recommendation algorithms. Mylo seamlessly integrates with existing IT ticket workflows and automatically extracts relevant information from historical tickets without disrupting the agents’ workflow.


Project Impact

Mylo helps the human IT agents in closing tickets faster, thereby leading to improved productivity for both the tech agents and GE employees. Mylo has contributed to tens of millions of dollars of productivity savings across GE.

What Our Clients Say

GE Digital

Mylo is great. It allows us to save time by autocompleting ticket information for common issues & constantly learning from our responses, keeping both the lounge teams & customers working efficiently.

Project roadmap

Mylo was developed in a highly agile and iterative fashion. User feedback was used to drive new features and functionality as well as to continuously improve the learning and recommendation algorithms.

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    Jun 2016

    Issue classification algorithm deployed

  2. Roadmap image

    Solution recommender algorithm deployed

    Nov 2016
  3. Roadmap image
    Aug 2017

    Expert recommender algorithm deployed

  4. Roadmap image

    Issue notes parser deployed

    Oct 2017
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