Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices often sit at the intersection of optical, electrical and mechanical domains, and by integrating these various elements can offer unique solutions for a wide variety of problems (switches, DLM displays, accelerometer, gyro's, pressure sensors).  

This can pose challenges in testing, as not only must we measure the combined behavior of these multiple elements, but must do so for a very small size scale (microns or below). This presents a measurement challenge, and demands tightly integrated test capabilities to perform the required tasks. This often requires the integration of multiple measurement types, including but not limited to optical, electrical and mechanical techniques.  

GE Research has developed powerful test software to allow for the integration and synchronization of complex measurements to work with a wide variety of test equipment and devices focused on MEMS.  

MEMSuite is an integrated vision and actuation automation tool for MEMS testing and beyond based on the Lua scripting language.

It features a modular design that allows use on a wide variety of test equipment from a long working distance interferometer station to an automated wafer prober.


Project Impact

Intelligent Actuation: Combine real time in-plane, interferometric, and stroboscopic vision capabilities with full scripting power to allow actuation to respond to measurement and vision data in real time. Utilizing advanced sub-pixel pattern matching (through a National Instruments vision library) in plane motion can be measured down to the nanometer scale.

Flexibility: Works with a variety of National Instruments image capture and digital-to-analog boards, as well as GPIB, serial devices, and multiple USB devices.  Interface to external services via RabbitMQ or MQTT messaging.  New device and instrument support can be added via plugable dlls.

Simplicity: Presents a simple and consistent interface to the user to kick-off automated testing tasks

Power:  Full featured Lua scripting engine enhanced with many MEMS specific functions (written in C). Easily extended via plug-in script modules. Utilize same test environment from initial characterization to final qualification 

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