Industrial and Military Wearables

Industrial and Military Wearables

Multiple industries and military applications are looking for full spectrum environmental, health and safety wearable solutions for their personnel to reduce workplace/field injuries and fatalities. No matter what industry or challenge, GE Research has the breadth and depth of expertise and experience across the disciplines required to provide the right solutions.

Industrial and Military Wearable development requires a cross functional team that originates from the GE’s innovation DNA. For more than 10-years, we have developed advanced materials, sensors and processes for GE products in the most demanding of industries like aerospace, energy, mining, homeland security, and health care, where the bar for safety and performance is highest.

Today, our broad wearables research implements synergistic innovations from such diverse technical disciplines as wireless communications, electronics, RF engineering, materials science, analytical instrumentation, embedded software, machine learning, and packaging. Our IP portfolio includes 70+ patents to provide safety, compliance, and fit-for-purpose solutions.

Project Impact

At GE Research, we consider conditions from mining, manufacturing and utilities, military and homeland security, to sports and recreation. We sense proximity, voltage and toxic gases, as well as monitor physiological indicators of personnel, keeping data secure via blockchain.

Proximity Sensing & Geo-Fencing: Sensing a persons location to improve safety and collision avoidance, even in GPS-denied environments

Voltage Sensing: Proximity monitoring of low to high voltages using wrist sensors

Physiological Monitoring: Predictive fatigue and stress monitoring, including but not limited to: heart rate, ECG, EEG, and hydration

Gas Sensing: Multivariable sensing to quantify toxic, explosive, and other gases

On/Off Premise Cloud & Analytics Platform: Scalable, secure and open architecture system platform for real-time data analytics, tailored to customer needs, secured by block chain technology and hosted both on or off-premise

  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Industrial and Military Wearables project

  • High Assurance Systems

    Enabling the design, development, and verification of safety critical infrastructure

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  • Embedded Computing

    Integrating computation with physical processes

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  • Cybersecurity

    Building an industrial immune system to protect critical infrastructure that moves and powers the world

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  • Materials & Process Modeling

    Combining the power of physics and data driven models to accelerate discovery, development and servicing of material solutions & processes

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  • Enterprise Optimization

    Optimizing design, operation, and supply chain decisions for assets and complex business systems

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  • Model-Based Controls

    Developing advanced multi-variable model-based controls algorithms that leverage online models to provide stability and improve transient performance and operability

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  • Estimation & Modeling

    Developing estimation algorithms and models for real-time use

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  • Biomedical Engineering

    The intersection of human physiology, electronics, chemistry and optics

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  • Biosciences

    Working from the molecular scale through human health and disease, building novel technology solutions for genomic, protein, cell analysis and imaging applications

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  • Electrical Systems

    Integrating multiple energy sources, combining electric machines with mechanical transmissions and simplifying controls through sensor-less technology

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  • Electronics Packaging

    Building and implementing technologies both internally and with production partners for medical and industrial applications

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  • Microelectronics

    Developing solutions for advanced imaging applications, sensing systems for industrial and aeronautical applications, and embedded electronic systems

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  • Machine Learning

    Developing and scaling machine learning solutions for industrial applications to allow for continuous learning, adapting and improving in dynamic operating environments

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