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HPC in Manufacturing

HPC in Manufacturing

Leveraging Modeling and Simulation-based Engineering, Dr. Lawrence Cheung, a lead engineer in computational fluid dynamic (CFD) methods at GE Research, has made a significant breakthrough maximizing the efficiency and energy output of wind turbines.  The work in wind energy used GE’s own supercomputing assets as well as the U.S. Department of Energy’s supercomputer at Argonne National Lab, one of GE’s strategic partners in the HPC ecosystem. Dr. Cheung ran CFD simulations that improved the design of GE’s wind turbines, making them more aerodynamic, productive, and efficient. In addition, Dr. Cheung also ran CFD simulations to determine the optimal siting of turbines on a wind farm to maximize wind capture and wind farm performance.  

Dr. Cheung explained, “The volume and level of complexity in the data we are studying simply can’t be analyzed without High Performance Computing assets. Between GE Research’s own HPC assets and the greater access being provided to industry more broadly by the US National Labs to its world leading HPC assets, we’re able to utilize these assets and accelerate critical research endeavors today, more than ever before.”

GE Modeling and Simulation-based Engineering supports a wide array of advanced research initiatives not only for GE’s businesses, but for GE customers as well, across a multitude of industries. Contact GE today to learn how we can help you maximize your products’ capabilities through Modeling and Simulation-based Engineering.


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HPCwire magazine honored Dr. Cheung with the Editors’ Choice Award for Best Use of HPC in Manufacturing at the 2018 Super Computing conference in Dallas, TX. Recipients of this prestigious award are determined by a nomination and voting process in the global HPCwire community. It acknowledges major achievements, outstanding leadership, and innovative breakthroughs in the arena of High Performance Computing.

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