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High Efficiency Ultra-Light Superconducting Generator

High Efficiency Ultra-Light Superconducting Generator

The significant innovations of the proposed superconducting generator (SCG) and the resulting drop in LCOE (levelized cost of energy) at acceptable cost can be a game-changer for the offshore wind industry. In addition, the lower weight advantage of the SCG may enable the industry to extend the use of the existing class of installation vessels to much larger turbine sizes. The power rating of the SCG is expected to be larger than 10MW to maximize the LCOE benefit. Beyond the offshore industry, the SCG has broader applicability and may lead to improvements for onshore wind, ship propulsion, portable utility-scale power, hydro power, and other applications that can benefit from the efficiency and power density advantages of the SCG.

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Project Impact

Relative to a 10MW direct-drive (DD) permanent magnet generator (PMG), a 15MW superconducting generator (SCG) can lower mass by 40%, increase torque density by 218%, increase efficiency by 2%, decrease LCOE by 27%, and reduce rare earth content by 100%.

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Acknowledgment/Disclaimer: This work has been supported by the Department of Energy under contract number DE-FOA-0000891.
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