Disposable, Adjustable Clinical Grade Vital Sign Monitoring Systems image

Disposable, Adjustable Clinical Grade Vital Sign Monitoring Systems

Disposable, Adjustable Clinical Grade Vital Sign Monitoring Systems

Our goal is the development of a low-cost manufacturing platform for disposable, hospital-grade multi-parameter clinical monitoring devices to expand wireless patient monitoring from critical care units to the whole hospitalized population. This will transform the patient experience, decreasing the frequency of nurses' bedside checks while enabling early warnings for deterioration of patients conditions.

GRC's role is to define the multiparameter (e.g., ECG, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature) device design to ensure clinical quality output and leverage our network of materials supply and manufacturing partners to develop a complete and scaleable supply chain and demonstrate pilot-scale manufacturing of a flexible, wireless multiparameter device.                                                                                

The Project is on-going, building on a prior NextFlex Technology Platform Demonstrator project developing a 3-lead ECG module with the goal of developing an end-to-end manufacturing solution including printing, assembly and packaging and demonstrating this capability at pilot scale to enable clinical testing of these multiparameter devices.

Our team at GRC is comprised of researchers from across the center, bringing together expertise in medical device and materials development, packaging, and flexible electronics manufacturing. Our efforts are further magnified by our collaboration with GE Healthcare Critical Care solutions and expert clinicians as well as industrial and academic partnerships with Materials Suppliers (e.g., DuPont), Electronics Manufacturers (e.g., Jabil) and experts in reliability testing (e.g., Binghamton University) and simulations (Georgia Tech).

Project Impact

This project is just beginning, but the potential impact on hospitalized patients is significant. By enabling continuous, wireless monitoring throughout the hospital, patients will be able to rest and recover with fewer interruptions (e.g., bedside vital sign checks at all hours), potentially reducing length of stay. Continuous monitoring may also be able to indicate deterioration earlier than spot-checking, enabling faster, potentially less invasive interventions to keep patients on the path to recovery. Finally, universal monitoring will help to prioritize the efforts of the medical to concentrate  on those patients whose condition is most in need of intervention to improve overall clinical outcomes.                                                                                                                                  

This project is just getting underway, but the combination of expertise brought to bear on this work puts us in an excellent position to combine the clinical grade performance required in this application with the low-cost, low-power solutions needed to create a mass-marketable, disposable clinical monitor.

Acknowledgment/Disclaimer: This work has been sponsored by AFRL-NextFlex and Empire State Development Funds under the contract number 8162811472153
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