Dispatch Optimizer for Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines image

Dispatch Optimizer for Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines

Dispatch Optimizer for Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines

Power markets are becoming very dynamic, especially in deregulated markets where fuel and/or electricity prices can fluctuate significantly. Dispatch Optimizer allows a combined cycle power plant operator to respond in real-time to market changes and generate significant additional revenue through a dynamic "banking" of MWh and augmented MW output via peak-firing under the right market conditions, while maintaining the same operation interval.

GE Research developed this solution through a combination of online digital twin models that capture GE domain knowledge for plant performance and gas turbine parts life, and a novel optimizer that solves a very large optimization problem in real-time. A diverse team with expertise in parts lifing, plant performance modeling, controls & optimization, SW deployment and the Edge OS platform came together with the GE Power team to make this technology a commercial product.

Dispatch Optimizer is a first product in combined cycle power plant real-time optimization, deployed on GE’s Edge platform at the plant in closed-loop with Mark VIe unit controls to deliver customer value through a digital solution.

Project Impact

Dispatch Optimizer is a commercial product being deployed at multiple customer power plants, currently focussed on 7FA and 7HA fleet with an aim to expand to other frames. The digital solution integrates domain knowledge and market information to deliver new value estimated to be $2-5MM over a typical 32K interval depending on the plant size, operation and market conditions. GE Research has a broad expertise spanning multiple domains including life and performance modeling, controls, estimation & optimization algorithms, SW deployment and Edge OS platform that enabled the team to develop MVPs together with GE Power team. Equally important, access to a customer site to deploy and test these MVPs provided valuable lessons and insights to rapidly mature the MVPs into a first generation product.

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