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Confined Space Inspection & Repair

Confined Space Inspection & Repair

GE Research's confined space inspection & repair systems are purpose-built to quickly execute inspection and repair in confined spaces including rotating machinery, storage vessels, and piping.

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Fast, repeatable deployment into locations previously inaccessible to non-borescopic tools opens the door to in situ repairs and component-level Digital Twin updates. Capabilities in upcoming configurations add end effectors for coating patch repairs, NDE, advanced laser processing, and other repairs.

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Project Impact

Improved Access to industrial equipment to perform inspection and maintenance. Scaled to enter machinery without costly disassembly, reaching aerial and underwater locations that typically require extensive logistical support

Increased Safety by operating in confined, elevated and contaminated spaces without the need for the same safety precautions required for human access.

Derived Speed from automation and expert telepresence. Imagine a field engineer working in Dubai after breakfast and Schenectady after lunch. 

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