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Blockchain is much more than a buzz word and goes well beyond cryptocurrencies – it is a critical enabling technology to creating a fundamental trust fabric for digital infrastructure and will help lead to the democratization of many of our centralized assets and institutions.

The Blockchain+ mission built upon the team’s previous exploration of Blockchain, focusing on demonstrating how to take the fundamental Blockchain architecture and push it beyond its perceived limitations in ways that open up a wealth of business models. This was done through building real examples around industrial use cases, including monitoring real-time sensor data on a gas turbine, showing how you can safely and securely transact energy between decentralized points of generation, storage, and use, and building an industrial-grade implementation running over an unbreakable, quantum-secure network.

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Key demonstrations:

  • Accompanying the development of GE Power’s Renewable Reservoir product, the team developed multiple demonstrations of transactive energy. These demonstrations used industrial-grade hardware to transact and physically move energy to fulfill demand. In addition, the team also developed tradable assets that can track remaining life of individual energy storage devices.
  • In support of high speed transactional requirements and network security concerns from the Digital Ghost team, the Blockchain team developed, a first of its kind, hardware and quantum secured blockchain capable to collecting data and executing smart contracts at frame rate of a gas turbine. This system allows for authenticity validation of received data by operational analytics that are not co-located on sensors.  Securing both the creation, movement, and storage of data within a one of a kind trust fabric.
  • Leveraging GE Research’s expertise in software verification and validation, the team built a platform to perform formal verification and validation of smart contracts, automatically generated from provable models. Smart contracts are pieces of code that are executed automatically as transactions occur. Being able to prove that a smart contract has no loopholes or unexpected behavior is critical towards building a trusted system.
Project Impact

Developed test range and showcase for industrial Blockchain applications, driving strategic, tactical, and value discussions around the potential for the technology to transform our ecosystems and business models.

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