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Agency & Awareness

Agency & Awareness

Imagine a world beyond shallow, voice-activated assistants, where personalized virtual agents can learn to tailor their actions to personal styles and continually improve the efficacy of their interactions.

The Agency & Awareness mission fuses the perception capability of GE Research’s Sherlock Computer Vision platform with an adaptive, intelligent agent tasked with persuading people to take certain beneficial actions. These actions could be as simple as participating in a survey, or something more sophisticated, like convincing and guiding patients to follow a course of medical action for customized care.

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Project Impact

Going beyond voice-activated agents, the Agency & Awareness mission has created Joan, an animated avatar whose goal is to capture your attention and learn how to adapt her behavior to persuade you to do something. 

Joan, an animated avatar

Key demonstrations/milestones: 

  • February 2019: End-to-end system installation at the Albany International Airport, capturing interactions with everyday people and attempting to convince them to enter a retail store. As she interacts, Joan learns what tactics are effective in convincing people to take a moment to browse. 

  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Agency & Awareness project

  • Software Development

    Innovating software solutions in alignment with Agile & FastWorks principles to aid business digital transformation journeys

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  • Industrial Software

    Bringing robust software development practices to interdisciplinary engineering teams to realize faster and more profitable outcomes

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  • Human System Interaction

    Researching and developing intelligent, natural user interfaces and visual analytic techniques to enhance and enrich interactions between humans and AI

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  • Machine Learning

    Developing and scaling machine learning solutions for industrial applications to facilitate continuous learning, adaptation and improvement in dynamic operating environments

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  • Computer Vision

    Enhancing fundamental and applied research to mimic human visualization and interpretation

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