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Advanced Materials Platform

Advanced Materials Platform

GE Research's Advanced Materials Platform (AMP) is a highly secure, persona based, custom application which will serve as a central repository for materials data across GE. 

Materials teams across GE will upload their test results to AMP for others to use in their design processes as well as other teams to use to avoid spending time and money on running duplicate tests. After test results are generated, materials teams will analyze the data and produce design curves within AMP and finally send data to downstream design tools for further process steps.

Project Impact

By centralizing materials data, some new tests will be avoided by reusing existing results which will save time and cost. Linking multiple process steps in one system, compared to separate systems today, the materials development time will be reduced. Additionally, businesses will use AMP to search for the best materials to meet customer performance needs and provide the corresponding data sets as part of the commercial activities. This custom built solution will give our customers the flexibility to create the features and functions that enable the productivity and growth in material engineering and design.

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