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5G Applications

5G Applications

Kicked off in 2019, the 5G Mission in Forge is focused on connecting the promise of 5G to industrial use cases. Together with our partners in the telecom industry, we have established one of the nation’s first cross-industry 5G testbeds to carry out this pioneering work.

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GE researchers are exploring a range of applications across multiple industries in energy, healthcare, aviation, and defense, which include real-time industrial controls for wind farms, wireless and pervasive patient monitoring, and resilient airbases. We are building a robust network of collaborators and partners, to help us have the most advanced and up-to-date industrial 5G networking capabilities available.

Beyond 5G’s promise of stunningly low latency and incredibly high bandwidth, our 5G mission is exploring even more transformational capabilities under the 5G hood. One example is leveraging network slicing and virtualization to create custom segments of the network for the grid, for healthcare, or any industrial segment. Another is improving on GPS to provide more precise indoor and outdoor localization to track hazards in the environment to enhance workplace safety. And 5G will enable us to make full use of edge compute to provide enhanced privacy and security, while shifting computation closer to where it is needed.


Project Impact

The 5G mission team has partnered with LocatorX and Georgia Tech Research Institute to work on two projects totaling $36 million with the U.S. Department of Defense to modernize warehouse facilities at two military bases using smart 5G-enabled technologies. These projects will support the Department’s efforts to execute real-time planning and deployment of resources and supplies for critical missions.

The team will integrate digital twin technology, autonomous robots and real-time tracking of thousands of assets and components, utilizing the power of 5G networks, to create smart warehouse facilities.  Read more here.

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