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Zhihui Yang

PhD, Mathematics (University of Maryland, College Park) BS, Mathematical Statistics (East China Normal University)

Zhihui Yang started her career at GE Research in 2012.  Some key programs include developing large-scale portfolio risk model via both Monte Carlo simulation and analytical solutions, interest rates risk modeling and derivatives pricing modeling for GE Capital and Smart lift for GE Oil & Gas. Currently, she is working on probability design for wind turbines for GE Renewables and reduced order modeling for material systems for GE Aviation. She received the Dushman Award at GE Research in year 2015. Before she joined GE, she taught for four years at Department of Mathematics at Western Illinois University as an assistant professor.

Zhihui Yang received her B.S. and Ph.D. in Statistics program from East China Normal University and University of Maryland, College Park, respectively. Her Ph.D. research area was in stochastic resonance and large deviations for dynamical systems with small random perturbations. She enjoys deriving formulas with paper-and-pencil.

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