Yousef Al-Kofahi

PhD, Computer Systems Engineering (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Dr. Al-Kofahi brings 15 years of experience in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision solutions for a variety of healthcare and industrial applications. He received his Ph.D in Computer Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2009. During his PhD and industrial work prior to GE, he developed algorithms to analyze 2-D and 3-D biomedical images and integrated them into products used by clinical laboratory professionals and life scientists.
After joining GE Research in 2011, Dr. Al-Kofahi worked on several projects focusing on developing algorithms to analyze images of cancer tissue samples, including algorithms to detect and predict the severity of the cancer. He also led a multi-year project to build next generation AI capabilities for GE Lifesciences’ products, such as deep and active learning algorithms for image segmentation and classification.
Dr. Al-Kofahi has also developed AI-based solutions for inspection and monitoring in Additive Manufacturing applications. Most recently, he has been developing Automatic Defect Recognition and real-time monitoring systems to detect defects in 3-D printed parts while being printed, and to make control decisions that reduce post-process inspection time and cost. 


Cell Dive Analytics, Argus Image Analytics, AM Recoat ADR and monitoring, Platform for tumor heterogeneity analysis (Thrive)


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