Veronica Barner

MS, Engineering and Management Systems (Union College) BS, Industrial and Systems Engineering (Bolivian Private University)

As GE Research’s business program manager for GE Renewable Energy, Veronica coordinates with GE Renewable Energy businesses (Onshore Wind, Offshore Wind, LM Wind Power, Grid, Hydro and Hybrids) to define and deliver on their research and development strategies. She is a key stakeholder in the creation of their technology priorities and roadmaps, collaborates across GE Research disciplines to ensure program execution, and aligns funding and resources with the most critical needs.

Veronica’s energy industry engineering expertise spans product development, manufacturing, operations, and services. In her time with GE she has led the execution of critical fleet programs, led the acquisition of next generation blade inspection technology, developed a global strategy for blade services, and operationalized risk assessment across the global GE Services fleet.

Veronica is a graduate of GE’s rotation-based Accelerated Leadership Program (XLP) and Renewable Energy Leadership Program (RELP). These multi-year programs are designed to build knowledge and industry/leadership experience through a combination of coursework and hands-on training.

In addition to her work, Veronica was instrumental in the development of a GE STEM outreach program that has reached more than 2,000 kids in New York’s Capital Region.

Veronica holds a Master of Science in Engineering and Management Systems from Union College and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Bolivian Private University.

Veronica and her husband, Michael, reside in Albany, New York with their two children.

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