Steven Duclos

PhD, Condensed Matter Physics (Cornell University) MS, Condensed Matter Physics (Cornell University) BA, Physics (Washington University in St. Louis)

Steve is the Chief Scientist for Additive Manufacturing at GE Research. This horizontal is responsible for developing advances across missions in the machines, materials, digital, and modeling additive technologies, as well as new additive modalities. 

He began his General Electric career in 1991 as a Physicist in the Optical Materials Program.  During this time he served on the Executive Committee of the NY State Section of the American Physical Society.  From 2000 to 2008 Steve managed the Optical Materials Laboratory at GE Research, a laboratory responsible for development of advanced optical materials for a broad spectrum of GE businesses, including its Lighting and Healthcare businesses.  From 2008 to 2012 Steve managed GE’s Material Sustainability Initiative. This initiative addressed GE’s risks in the availability and sustainability of the company’s raw material supply, which included the development of a broad-based element-by-element assessment of the company’s material risks. The results of this assessment are used to develop research priorities that support recycling, reduced use, and substitution of lower-risk materials.

Steve has testified to both US Senate and House Committees on the subject of Material Sustainability. In 2012 Steve was named Leader of the Materials Advanced Technology Program, responsible for advancing key materials and processing technologies to prepare them for commercialization in the GE businesses, as well as advanced technology initiatives in the areas of materials and manufacturing, including additive manufacturing.

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