Shaopeng Liu

PhD, Mechanical Engineering (University of Connecticut) ME, Mechanical Engineering (Tsinghua University) BS, Mechanical Engineering (Tsinghua University)

Shaopeng joined GE Research in Niskayuna, NY in 2012 as a Cyber-Physical System Architect. He is currently a Lead Scientist at the Software and Analytics division. Shaopeng has 10+ years of experiences in complex system design, edge computing, and advanced analytics, and has concentrated his focus on the research and development of cyber-physical system technologies and solutions for diverse industrial applications in the fields of oil & gas, healthcare, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, aviation, renewable energy, and information systems. He has been a key technical lead of several government sponsored research programs, and has experience in the management of multi-organization research teams. Shaopeng has over 30 technical articles published in refereed journals and conferences, and over 10 patents and applications. Outside of GE, Shaopeng has served on the technical program committees and symposium organizers of numerous research and engineering conferences.

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